Ep. 8 – Star Wars Prequel Gripes

This time there’s no Battlestar Galactica. Instead, Ged and I used this episode to list our top ten gripes with Star Wars episodes I-III. Will yours be on our lists? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Original post date: 5/26/08
Duration: 47′ 18″

I know this episode is kind of long, but I promise it’s all meat and no filler.

2 Responses to “Ep. 8 – Star Wars Prequel Gripes”

  1. [...] of their ‘9 loyal listeners’ I have to say that my favorite of the podcast is actually [the Star Wars episode]. While it only has Ged and Dave, it is still a 50-minute bashfest of the Star Wars prequels. A [...]

  2. [...] it’s no secret that I consider the prequels to be inferior follow-ups to the original Star Wars trilogy, it is none-the-less a testament to Lucas’ storytelling [...]

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