Ep. 17 – Sometimes a Great Notion


This time, Ged, Jen and Dave are joined by our special guest Corey Marion of the Iconfactory! Along with being a very talented artist (check out his BSG freeware icons here), Corey is a huge fan of BSG.

This time, we talked about episode 13, season 4 of Battlestar Galactica, “Sometimes A Great Notion” and discuss some news from the world of science fiction. Plus, one of us does a mean George Takei impression. Oh, my!

This week’s trivia question is a tough one — hardcore geeks only! If you think you’ve got it, send your answer to our Twitter account. If you’re right, will promote your Twitter account in episode 18!

Warning: If you aren’t caught up to Episode 13 of season 4, cover your ears! Spoilers abound.

Original post date: 1/23/09
Duration: 21’47″

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